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Video Recording
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Introduction - Making Video Recordings in Church

There are both advantages and disadvantages of having a video recording system installed in the church. Some of the most obvious ones are as follows:-

• Ability to provide housebound and sick members with videos of services.
• Recordings can be sent to missionaries, students, and others church members who for some reason or other cannot regularly attend.
• Equipment is available "In house" for times when "overflows" may be necessary, e.g. Easter, Harvest, Christmas and other special services.
• Ability to show "close-ups" on projection screens of children's address, baptisms etc., improving vision for people at the rear of the church.
• Ability to provide video recordings of special events such as baptisms, weddings, and so on, without having to bring in a lot of equipment.

• May be distracting at times if not operated thoughtfully
• Operators required - more people who are effectively "working" rather than worshiping at services.
• Costly.

Hopefully this article will give you food for thought, and you can consider whether or not introducing video recordings is something your church would find worthwhile.

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